• Supermarket/Hypermarket/Mass Merchandise

    Food Market Intelligence — With the constant, fast-paced, retail supermarket landscape, retailers have to position themselves as a one-stop-shop to attract shoppers wanting to buy everything in one place. Product assortment, store atmosphere and competitive pricing can impact the customer’s overall shopping experience. Supermarket retailers struggle over issues such as managing inventory, slim margins, shopping navigation and shoplifting. In order to maximize all facets of the store, retailers must optimize the store’s performance.


    Becoming your own intelligence expert in the capricious supermarket arena is one irrefutable way to stay one step ahead. By using integrated security and retail performance solutions, you can acquire store-specific data and efficiently address these concerns, while improving overall store performance and profitability. With the right solutions in place, you can become your own expert.

  • Supermarket Minded

    As supermarket retailers battle over providing customers substantial cost savings and overall value, the underlying threat is the cost of doing business. Retailers in the supermarket sector need to have more real-time data to respond more precisely to their customer’s wants and needs. Using Tyco Retail Solutions’ integrated systems can give you a much-needed competitive edge to win over customers and increase overall profitability.

    Featured Solutions:

    Video Surveillance
    Tyco Retail Solutions’ highly sophisticated video surveillance is an essential liability management tool that identifies opportunities to protect employees and customers from risky situations such as slips and falls.
    High Theft Item Protection
    Tyco Retail Solutions offers vital protection for high shrink categories such as wine and spirits, health & beauty/cosmetics, meats, infant formula and razors.